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Costs for participation

Attention: The type of stage is only important for the amount of technology present on a stage and has NOTHING to do with the size of a stage / the m2 of floor space. See also the info stage and technique page

Base amount for registration

1 – 20 choir members € 50.00
21 – 50 choir members€ 75.00
51 – 100 choir members€ 100.00
101 – >€ 125.00

Surcharge per stage type

Type B€ 25.00
Type C€ 50.00
Type D€ 75.00

Stage types

Attributes Type BType CType D
Lectern2 pieces2 pieces2 pieces
Digital piano incl. piano stoolYesYesYes
Drum incl. basinsNoNoYes
(Speaking) microphone + amplifierYesNoNo
Vocal microphonesNo6 pieces6 pieces
Guitar ampNoNo2 pieces
Bass ampNoNo1 piece
Mixing consoleNoYesYes
Sound carrier connectionNoYesYes