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Sign Up

  1. Upon arrival contact the choir to present himself in the lobby of Rabotheater. Since the organization has its information.
  2. At the information, the contact person will receive final instructions, any changes in the schedule occurs and a bag containing a map and buttons for the choir members.
  3. The new 2016 Amusing Hengelo button is clearly visible to be borne by each member of the choir.
  4. Be on time or you’ll miss your first gig.


  1. It is important that you and go off with your choir at the right time the right stage. For example: 11.30- occurs time of 12:00. This means you have the podium at 11.30 at 12.00 and should you have to leave the stage. The next group comes to the stage at 12:00. Sprouting of the program is due to the large number of choirs impossible.
  2. Therefore, a half-hour action means 20 to 25 minutes singing time depending on the speed at which a choir on stage can go on and off.
  3. Late start (no matter for what reason) is triggered only by your own time.
  4. Sign up for a performance at each stage as the stage manager so that it is known that you are there.
  5. The stage manager is in charge and in control of the stage. The evidence of this should always be followed. They are recognizable by their yellow T-shirt Amusing Hengelo.
  6. Without visible Amusing Hengelo button, you can be refused entry if chorus on indoor and outdoor stages.
  7. On entering inside locations one should behave as quiet as possible. Note clap doors!
  8. Spontaneously we welcome very far as long as there are other events not to interfere.

Technology / tools

  1. Conveniently, if you act with MP3 / MD / CD to bring your own player to make sure that the music can be played flawlessly and is not prevented by the equipment.
  2. Be careful with the equipment made available by the organization.
  3. There are no pianos and drum sets are changed on stage, or guitar, keyboard and basins if necessary.


  1. The organization can not be held liable in respect of theft, damage, theft of personal property or equipment.
  2. This whole day is at your own risk of the choir and its members.
  3. In case of disagreement, the final decision always in the organization.
  4. Upon cancellation, no refund of the entry money instead.
  5. When corn that show only a (small) to be present most of the day, the organization can not guarantee the number of performances.
  6. Stick to the prevailing standards of decency!
  7. Make it a great day for you and the audience, showing how fun singing!
  8. Everyone should bring his best singing voice and humor.
  9. Respect each other’s performances and give your colleagues a loud applause, everyone doing his best!
  10. There are no good and bad singers these days, just people doing their best and have fun singing!