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Information stages and technology

Our stage options

We know 3 different types of stages. Depending on the instruments and the technology on the stage, our stages are called B, C or D stages.

The costs for participation depend on the number of choir members and the type of stage (B, C or D) = the scope of the technology.

Please note: to calculate the square footage available for the choir, you must subtract the square footage for the instrumental and technical equipment on the stage from the total square footage available. This way you know how much space is actually available to the choir. The stages can be used for different choirs.

Type of stages

B-Stage: Then: stage piano with 1 microphone. It occupies 2.5 m² of the stage area.

C-Stage: It contains: stage piano with microphone and 6 microphones for choir amplification. It occupies 3.5 m2 of the stage area.

D-Stage: On it are: stage piano with microphone, 2 electric guitar amplifiers, 1 bass amplifier, drums and choir amplification. It occupies 6 m2 of the stage area.

Access to the stages

Almost all stages have stairs on both sides for entering and exiting the stage. If this is not the case, the platforms can be easily reached via the front platforms.


All of our stages can be designed to be wheelchair accessible. Indicate in advance (when registering to attend) that there are members who use a wheelchair. The organization can take this into account when planning.

The organization ensures accessibility for wheelchair users, which consists of so-called “ramps”, a driving plate. Own choir members support the wheelchair users to get on and off the stage.


Sydney, 8 wide x 7.75 deep, 52 m2, incl. m2 for technical equipment.

Medium: 6 wide x 5 deep, 27 m2 incl. m2 for technical equipment.

Large: 8 wide x 6 deep, 41 m2 incl. m2 for technical equipment.

Model L: 6.80 wide x 6.20 deep, 42m2, incl.

Model XLR, 8 wide x 6 deep, 48 m2, incl. m2 for technical equipment.

XXL: 10 wide x 6.10 deep, 61m2 incl. m2 for technical equipment.