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Our rules of the game

Register on the festival day

  1. Our base on the festival day is the Schouwburg Hengelo / Beursstraat 44.
  2. On arrival, the contact person of the choir reports to the ‘koren desk’ in the foyer of the Schouwburg Hengelo. This is possible from 09:00 am. We have an information desk there, especially for the choirs, and a general information desk.
  3. At the ‘korendesk’ the contact person receives the latest instructions, any changes to the performance schedule and a bag containing a program booklet. The city-map can be found in the program booklet. Furthermore, a sheet with stickers, with a sticker for each choir member / participant. Stick the sticker on your clothes and show that you are a participant.
  4. Make sure you and your group are on time. Don’t miss the Sing-in and your first performance.


  1. It is important that you enter and leave the right stage with your choir at the right time. For example: performance time from 11.30-12.00 . This means that you can go on stage at 11:30 am and leave the stage at 11:55 am, so that you have left the stage at 12:00 am. The next choir/singing group will take the stage at 12:00. Follow the instructions of the stage host/hostess. This volunteer can be recognized by the Amusing-Hengelo vest. Exiting the program must be prevented. That’s not fun for anyone.
  2. Half an hour of performance therefore means 20 to 25 minutes to sing, depending on the speed with which a choir can go on and off the stage.
  3. Starting too late (no matter for what reason) will only deduct from your own time.
  4. Before a performance at each stage, report to the host/hostess/stage guard so that you are known to be there.
  5. The host/hostess of the stage is in charge of the stage. The instructions given by the stage host/hostess must always be followed. They can be recognized by their yellow Amusing-Hengelo vest.
  6. When entering an indoor location, the entire group keeps as quiet as possible; do not disturb the performing choir and listening audience. Watch out for slamming doors!
  7. Spontaneous performances are very much appreciated: as long as other performances are not disturbed by this.

Technique / instruments

  1. It is useful if you perform with MP3 / MD / CD to bring your own player so that you can be sure that the music can be played without errors and will not be rejected by the equipment.
  2. Please be careful with the equipment made available by the organization.
  3. No pianos and drum sets are exchanged on the stages, but guitar, keyboard and cymbals are used if that is really necessary.


  1. The organization is not liable for theft, damage or theft of personal property or equipment.
  2. Any image and sound material made during the festival will only be used for PR purposes for the festival. By participating in the festival you agree to the distribution of this.
  3. Participation in the festival is entirely at the risk of the choir and its members.
  4. In the event of any disagreement, the final decision always rests with the organisation.
  5. There will be no refund of the participation fee in the event of cancellation.
  6. For choirs that indicate that they can only be present for a (small) part of the day, the organization cannot guarantee the number of performances.
  7. Adhere to the applicable standards of decency! Make it a fun day for you and the spectators, show how much fun singing is.
  8. Respect each other’s performances and give your colleagues a loud round of applause: everyone is doing their best!
  9. There are no good and bad singers on this day, all participants give their best and have fun singing!